Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rescuing The Western World: Too Little Too Late?

"Patriots of all countries: Unite!"

A political Crusade is certainly more practical than a military Crusade. When you think about it, using politics rather than military force is exactly the way Islamic Jihad has penetrated the West. The best counter is to turn the pro-Jihadist political agenda back into an insignificant pipe dream.

Right-wing leaders from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria and France announced plans Friday to form a pan-European party with a mission to "rescue the Western world" from Islam and other perceived threats.

Leftists called the plan "completely absurd."

Organizers of the new "European Liberty Party" pledged to pull in right-wing parties from at least three other countries and surpass the 20-seat threshold needed to form a faction in the European Parliament.

"Patriots of all countries: Unite!" declared Heinz-Christian Strache, whose Freedom Party in Austria in the past has been accused of anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic statements.

Strache was joined for Friday's announcement in Vienna by Jean-Marie Le Pen of France's extreme-right National Front; Frank Vanhecke of Belgium's Flemish Interest Party; and Volen Siderov, the head of Bulgaria's ultranationalist Ataka party.

They said they would approach like-minded parties in Cyprus, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, along with rightists in Croatia and Serbia, which aren't E.U. members. - European Right-Wing Leaders Seek New Party To Counter Islam

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