Saturday, April 26, 2008

Muslim Cleric Compares Freedom of Thought With Criminal Theft Of Personal Property

The freedom of thought is a basic human right to not only have independent beliefs that may differ from traditional opinions, but to also express those thoughts in a peaceful manner. This includes questioning some of Islam's unjust practices and punishments which disproportionately target women and non-Muslims.

Islam rejects such expressions of humanity. Freedom of thought in Islam equates to freedom to steal another's beliefs. In other words, questioning the primitive, barbaric practices of Islam may cause others to lose faith in Islam.

A Saudi cleric warns Muslims to oppose such freedom of thought:

"Freedom of thought, within some constraints, is blessed. Islam calls for thinking, for interpretation, and for the use of the mind. But as for freedom of heresy, which allows anyone to criticize whatever he wants in Islam, saying, for example, that he does not like the punishment for apostasy, that he doesn't like the punishment for drinking alcohol, or that he does not like the punishment of stoning adulterers - this is barbarism.

"They ask: Why should a thief have his hand chopped off? Some of them say that this is 'too much.' Two-three much on you and your rotten mind. If you abolish this punishment, you will see the rise in thefts. On the other hand, people feel their property is secure because of this punishment."

A Muslim's belief in Muhammad as a prophet is only secure so long as no one expresses thoughts contrary to traditional teachings. A Muslim is only a Muslim while his or her faith remains unchallenged by logic or rationality. The religion of Islam only exists in narrow minds that refuse to be exposed to reason.

Remember, the next time you insult the prophet Muhammad or the cult of Islam, you are stealing a Muslim's preconceived notion of what Islam ideally should be. It is irrelevant that his or her notions may be incompatible with reality or human rights. According to Islam, his/her right to believe Muhammad was a messenger of god and Islam being the one true faith far outweighs your right to expose inconsistencies or deceptions with regard to the same.

It is no wonder people question whether a democracy can co-exist with Islam, or vice versa. When forced to choose between a basic human freedom or a backward, 7th century death cult, one-fifth of the human population chooses the latter.

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