Saturday, April 19, 2008

Liveleak Turning Dhimmitube?

A few weeks ago, I couldn't praise Liveleak enough for having the courage to post the controversial video "Fitna." But now I'm wondering if the backlash isn't taking its toll on the video hosting site.

In an earlier post, I directed readers to a Youtuber who shares video lessons about Islam. With the author's permission, I've been uploading the series to Liveleak using my own channel. Until Fitna came along, none had been rejected. Suddenly, without reason or explanation, the video lessons are being rejected.

I hope Liveleak hasn't fallen into the pits of censorship and dhimmitude.

UPDATE: Liveleak just contacted me and assured me it was not the content of the videos, but the number of videos I uploaded at once. It seems the system thought it was spam. Thanks, Liveleak! :)

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Muslims Against Sharia said...

DhimmiTube declines request to remove terrorist-produced videos

YouTube has refused a request from US Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.) to remove all videos sponsored by terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda, contending that most of them don't violate its community guidelines.

Lieberman, chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Monday called on the Google Inc subsidiary to remove video content produced by terrorist organizations that showed assassinations, deaths of US soldiers and civilians, weapons training, "incendiary" speeches and other material intended to "encourage violence against the West."