Thursday, April 24, 2008

Allah Works In Mysterious Ways

The best laugh I've had in ages was last year when Palestinian terrorists, and their supporters, died in a tsunami of shit. Who says Allah doesn't have a sense of humour?

Aziza heard someone shouting, telling her to run away. She got out of the hut, then went back in because she had forgotten her head covering.

The wall of raw human waste slammed into them. It knocked her down and tore the baby from her arms.

He drowned. They found his body against the wall of the mosque a hundred metres away.

So, what have the "freedom fighters" of Palestinian done to prevent another cosmic joke in my Islamophobic universe? Absolutely nothing.

Sadi said that the lakes [of untreated sewage] are 11m (36ft) higher than the surrounding land, and only the earth walls around them hold the muck in.

In this single spot alone - and he said other parts of Gaza were as bad - the lakes were so big that if the dykes burst a tsunami of sewage 6m (20ft) or 7m (23ft) high would swamp an area inhabited by 10,000 people.

Sadi Ali worries that a stray bomb or missile could break a dyke.

I have no doubt Sadi is concerned about terrorist missiles or bombs, right? But I'm certain Sadi values his life too much to suggest the Palestinian government should spend more money on the welfare of Gaza residents rather than the arming of Palestinian militants or blaming the Jews for their predicament.

Either way it works out for me. There'll be peace, or another tsunami of Islamic karma to brighten my day.

Allahu achbar!

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