Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Milosevic Convicted & Sentenced

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Citing testimony from survivors of snipers' bullets and makeshift missiles, the UN Yugoslav war crimes tribunal convicted General Dragomir Milosevic of murder, inhumane acts and waging a campaign of terror for orchestrating the last 15 months of the 1992 to 1995 assault on the Bosnian capital.

"There was no safe place in Sarajevo," said the presiding judge, Patrick Robinson, reading from the judgment. "One could be killed and injured anywhere and any time."

Milosevic, 65, sat silently listening to a summary of the lengthy judgment, then stood stoically as Robinson pronounced sentence. He had denied all charges, arguing that the city was a battleground and his troops were carrying out legitimate military operations.

The horror of the siege was played out in front of a global audience as television images broadcast worldwide showed shells slamming into apartment buildings and terrified shoppers huddling for cover behind slow-moving UN armored cars.

International Herald Tribune

Disturbingly, the 'global audience' was mislead by the worldwide media. The Serbs, under Milosevic's command, were responding to the threat of radical Islam.

Serbs have been subjected to centuries of Islamic brutality and oppression. They recognized what we have yet to understand. Radical Muslims will resort to any means necessary to convert, subdue, or slaughter non-Muslims. They are willing to die to further Islamic domination. The only way to destroy such a threat is to meet it head on with equal or greater force. Milosevic understood that.

The History of Jihad states it well:

This was so, as in no time in Human history had any invader been so inhuman, like the Muslims. But once the Byzantine Christians had gauged their adversary as sub-human schizophrenic savages that they were, the Christians returned every barbarity with equally ferocity. The same was true for the Spanish Christians (Visigoths) who were first overrun by the Moors in 711. After the Muslim subterfuge they were victims of in the battle of Guadelete in Southern Spain, and the grisly sight of the head of their King Roederic (Rodrigo) being stuck on a spear and paraded before the Christian soldiers to break their spirit, the Spanish too learnt the kind of beastly enemy they faced in the Muslims. And they returned the favour to the Muslims in equal measure during the Reconquista. In fact the Reconquista, the Inquisition, and the Crusades all were a result of this unnervingly brutal experience of the Europeans at the hands of the beastly Jihadis.

Those who did not learn this lesson were to be extinct as were the Christians of North Arabia, Sinai, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Anatolia (Turkey), North Africa, Nubia, (North Sudan), as also the Zoroastrians of Iran, Baluchistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, the Buddhists of Afghanstan, Chinese Turkestan (Xinkiang), Kazakastan, the Hindus of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, the nature and idol worshipping Arabs of Saudi Arabia, and many other unnamed people who are extinct today and whose descendants survive as robots trapped in the mental prison of Islam.

The Serbs under Milosevic, only tried to reclaim what was historically originally theirs in the only way possible with the Muslim - with that of blood and death. The Muslims understand no other language. If humanity and our civilization are to be emancipated from the Muslim threat, then the only way out is to match and outmatch the Muslims at their gameplan, in their methods of war, in their cruelty, their pervasiveness, persistence, foresight, deception, subterfuge, hate for the adversary and all other departments of the war.

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