Monday, December 17, 2007

Saudi Rape Victim Pardoned

Pardoned for the crime of being raped. Allahu Achbar! Hopefully she'll be grateful that these Muslim men decided to spare her punishment, or she'll surely end up in merciful & compassionate Allah's hell.

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has pardoned the victim of a gang-rape, whose sentencing to 200 lashes caused an international outcry, a Saudi newspaper said on Monday.

The daily al-Jazirah cited the Justice Minister Abdullah bin Mohammad al-Sheikh as saying the king had the right to issue pardons if it was in the "public interest."

The minister did not confirm if the pardon, reported from unnamed sources, was correct but the newspaper is close to the religious establishment who control the Justice Ministry.


SIREN said...

It's sad to think that even if she was pardon, she'll still face public disgraced.

I dor one don't believe Saudi gives in as a result of international pressures.

DMartyr said...

You are correct. It's just a matter of time before someone in this young woman's family murders her to "defend the family honor".

In modern, civilized times, only in Islam would an innocent girl be slaughtered for "honor."

Mrs.Irene Query said...
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