Friday, December 28, 2007

Muhammad's Quran - The Idiot's Guide to Islam

(Hat Tip: CAPT-DAX)

This is one of the most informative, in-depth, yet easy to understand, series about Islam & the Qur'an I have found. It may take some time to go through all 58 lessons, but the knowledge is well worth the effort.

Enjoy part 1 here, then click over to Muhammad's Quran for more.


SIREN said...

Hello there,
Do you mind if I link this one in along with the link to the series as well?
Let me know...
Also, I'm trying to find you on Technocrati so I can give you more authority and put mark you as one of my fav.
PS: I found the copy of the Koran I had and will respond to your comment on one of my post. Also, good one on the Ron Paul post. I got that one from NSook. Somebody else posted something, but let me have some more coffee and then I'll get into it as well. My question now is what will happen to Pakistan? And of course Musharraf is not innocent, but Ron Paul trying to blame America pisses me off...


Cato the Elder said...

a new crusade must be launched to annihilate islam as mercilessly and ruthlessly as Rome destroyed Carthage - volunteers - millions of them - must arm themselves and travel to the Middle East to readicate Islam to such an extent that 100 years from now nobody woll know Islam ever existed - all non-moslems must join in this fight and not rest until every moslem man, woman, and child is dead and every mention of islam is eradicated. To ensure the survival of civilization Islam must be destroyed!

DMartyr said...

Cato - I can't say I'd agree with the mass slaughter of all muslims. Keep in mind, many muslims are enslaved by the cult and too fearful for their lives and the lives of their family to leave Islam. Most muslim women in Islamic societies have absolutely no voice, but certainly would oppose their barbaric treatment if given the opportunity to safely leave Islam. Muslim children are the product of indoctrination which, if saved early enough, could have those teachings reversed.

I have met enough apostates to know there are some truly good people in Islam. We must find a way to help them leave Islam without putting their lives in danger. Muslim women & children need effective, protective shelters to protect them from 'honor killings'. There are plenty enough apostates to re-educate young muslims and put them on a true straight path, so to speak. Once people feel safe and secure enough to reject Islam and are given alternative views of the world, the cult will fail on its own.

SIREN said...

I agree that these people need shelter and protection. It is hard to provide that sometimes when even the same families agree on executing their own relatives because of apostasy or other violations of sharia. Now that I'm reading the Hadith, I tell you it is amazing how violent Mohammed’s quotations are when dealing with apostates. For example, ideally the one performing the execution of an apostate must be an imam. But, ALL schools of Islamic jurisprudence agree that any Muslim can kill an apostate without punishment at all. This leads to the growth of even more fear and oppression amongst people who want to escape this cult. If anybody can kill them without repercussions, can you imagine the fear these people live under?
I always wonder if Du'a was killed by her own mainly because of fear and/or brainwashing combined. I just can't understand that. And many apostates will agree with my sentiment on that one... I also question how many apostates could there be now and how we can reach them if they live under a hardcore sharia country/kingdom/sandbox. Organizations, non-profits try but very few succeed in escaping. I just can't imagine the honor killings and other executions we don't even hear about.
I also agree on the brainwashing starting with the children. It is insane.
On this particular issue of apostasy, is there a difference on Sunni vs. Shia Muslims?
Also, if an apostate is now on exiled and has not reverted his/her own beliefs, wouldn’t he/she also be referred to as an infidel according to Muslim societies? After all, the punishment is the same. Both apostates and infidels should be killed, methods may vary, but both ought to be killed period…
Thanks. :)

DMartyr said...

I'm researching for a new article on Sunni vs. Shia muslims. But for the most part, here is what I've found:

Shia muslims tend to be more violent than their Sunni counterparts. They react physically with bombings, lynch mobs, shootings and beheadings. Iran is Shia. Hezbollah is Shia.

Sunni muslims, the majority of all Western muslims, seem to be less violent, but at the same time are much more deceitful and manipulative. Saudi Arabia has a Sunni government. Most "moderate" muslims, such as those in CAIR are Sunni. Sunni muslims can be just as violent as their Shia brethren. The Taliban and Al Qaeda are Sunni muslims. But the favored method of warfare for Sunnis is taqiyah and makr.

Mrs.Irene Query said...
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