Wednesday, December 12, 2007

MSNBC Dhimmi Outed

(Hat Tip: The Jawa Report)

Hot Air exposes MSNBC's leftist political analyst Larry O'Donnell for the dhimmi coward he is:

Hugh Hewitt: Would you say the same things about Mohammed as you just said about Joseph Smith?

Larry O'Donnell: Oh, well, I’m afraid of what the... that’s where I’m really afraid. I would like to criticize Islam much more than I do publicly, but I’m afraid for my life if I do.

Hugh Hewitt: Well, that’s candid.

Larry O'Donnell: Mormons are the nicest people in the world. They’re not going to ever...

Larry O'Donnell admits he's afraid to criticize Islam publicly

The right doesn't fear Islam:

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