Sunday, December 16, 2007

Beauty & Mohammedans

Eternity Road has an excellent commentary about feminine beauty & Islam:

I think of claws and teeth. I think of the mindless rage of wallowing beasts who see a higher creature rise above them, perhaps from their own numbers. I think of the shock of seeing excellence and beauty, and the envy that burns in stunted souls when generosity walks among them, and their anguish at the shattering of their precept that no such thing is possible save at their expense. The urge to mass with one’s fellow mediocrities, to set upon the exceptional one, to rend and tear him until nothing but shreds remain, follows quite naturally.

The colors might vary, but all beasts in human garb, including the beasts of the Left and the beasts of Islamic rage, are "of a feather." Beauties, beware.

The Beauties And The Beasts

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