Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Islamic Clerics Demand Punishment For Those Who Are Not "Proper" Muslims

Hardline clerics are using Pakistan's blasphemy laws to persecute members of a small Islamic splinter group they say are not proper Muslims.

The two million-strong Ahmadiyya community, based in Rabwah in the Punjab, risks charges of "impersonating Muslims" under the country's controversial religious laws.

Shameen Ahmad Khalid, a community leader, said: "We have people serving long jail sentences for blasphemy or for 'posing as Muslims'."

The laws mandate three years' imprisonment for Ahmadis who dare to call themselves Muslims, call their places of worship mosques, recite the Koran or announce the azan, the call to prayer.

Twenty years ago, the people of Rabwah were charged with impersonating Muslims.


Just a matter of time before non-radical Muslims are targeted for prosecution. But in their blind hatred for anything non-Islamic, 'moderate' Muslims will continue to support violent Jihad - either through financial donations, taqiyyah, ignorance, or silence.

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