Friday, December 21, 2007

The Religion of Peace: Muslim Beheads Boy Over Father's Debt

In a gruesome incident a Maulvi beheaded his 15 year old student for recovering Rs.7,000 which the boy's father had taken from him.

The maulvi (Islamic teacher) who was a friend of the victim's father stayed nearby and had given a loan of Rs.7, 000 to his friend. On not getting his money back the accused Narulhaq Abdulhaq Saiyad beheaded Abid Ali Saiyad and packed the head in a plastic bag and dumped it on the terrace of his house.

I'm at a loss. I cannot comprehend such barbarity, much less the fact that a BILLION people worldwide embrace this savage cult and try to claim it is 'peaceful.'

Shame on all you "moderate" Muslims for allowing such atrocities. And shame on the West for appeasing them.

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