Friday, December 14, 2007

West Shuns Democracy; Instead Favors An Islamic State

In order to establish a new Islamic state in Kosovo, the West is willing to accept the destruction of a democracy. No longer can the coalition forces use the excuse of freedom to invade dictatorial countries like the former Iraq. Freedom and Democracy are irrelevant. Politics is not.

Formally still a Serbian province, Kosovo has been run by a mission of the United Nations since mid-1999 when North Atlantic Treaty Organization bombing halted a crackdown by Belgrade-controlled forces on its breakaway ethnic Albanian majority.

In four months of U.N.-backed talks that ended in failure Monday, Belgrade was only willing to offer the province broad autonomy. Most Serbs consider the southern province their country's spiritual heartland.

"The disturbed relations of the coalition partners at this moment have weakened the negotiation position of Belgrade (on Kosovo), which is regrettable from the position of national and state interests," said analyst Antonic.

Serbia is a model of Islamic Jihad. Ethic Albanian Muslims in Kosovo have persecuted, subjugated, and slaughtered innocent non-Muslims for centuries. Yet when Serb Infidels fought back, the world responded by knocking them down and handing Jihadists a victory - the unjust reward of independence.

This move will no doubt cost the lives of thousands of Serbs. But the appearance of freedom for those who seek to impose Sharia rule on all is more important than the lives of those who refuse to convert, submit, or die. The West would rather play the politically correct game of appeasement, to avoid wounding Muslim sensibilities. For, in the Islamic world, Persecution is worse than slaughter.

Welcome to dhimmitude.

2 comments: said...

You have hit the nail directly on the head re the Jihad on Serbia. And it scares the hell out of me that Islam could not have done this without the help of the US and the EU

Anonymous said...

American policy towards Srbija has not been consistant except for the fact that on every issue Srbija must lose.Serbs as well as Arabs have been victims of US imperial
drive except for Srbija the US has used militant Islam as a weapon much like the CIA used it against Russia.One look at US policy towards Kosovo-Metohija and you can see that the war on terror does not exist it is all made up and it is a elaborate cover for the American empire to be able to kill,destroy and torture any nation they choose at will.It has been shown that America turns Muslims from enemy to friend when it serves them.As the war criminal of war criminals Kissinger said America has no permanemt friends or enemies only permanent interests.Who would have thought that one day Russia would be the one standing up to international law and the US breaking it.Al the rhetoric that has come from Washington in the last few decades about freedom and human rights has been proven to be a lie when you look at Iraq and Kosovo.