Monday, December 17, 2007

UNICEF Celebrates Child Brides

UNICEF - The United Nations Children's Fund, claims it is "a broad coalition dedicated to improving the life of every child" and "the driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realized." Apparently that doesn't include the right of an 11-year-old child not to be raped by a Muslim man.

Yet they are more than happy to celebrate as 'Photo of the Year' this obscenity:

U.S. freelance photographer Stephanie Sinclair poses with her winning photo of the 'UNICEF Photo of the Year 2007' competition in Berlin, Germany, on Monday, Dec. 17, 2007. The photograph shot by U.S. freelance photographer Stephanie Sinclair shows a wedding couple in Afghanistan who could not be more opposite. The groom, Mohammed, looks much older than his 40 years. The bride, Ghulam, is still a child; she just turned 11. Stephanie Sinclair works as a freelance photographer based in Beirut, Lebanon. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

Brian at Snapped Shot writes:

What better way to care for the well-being of children than by celebrating the forced marriage of an 11-year-old girl to a man over 30 years her senior, right?


SIREN said...

Come to my blog. I need your help with some troll. I need your input. I need somebody with your knowledge of Islam BS.
He claims to be from the "Muslims against sharia" org. Please!!!
He posted on my posting about Saudi Lecturing the west on human rights.

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