Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Man Beats Daughter To Death For Violating Ramadan

So much for being kind & charitable during Ramadan...

A 45-year-old father of Mamponteng in Ashanti is on trial for allegedly beating his daughter to death. Haruna Bismawu had allegedly accused his eldest child, Habiba Bismawu, 20, of sleep around with men.

His warning to her to desist from her immoral lifestyle had gone unheeded. When she returned home early on Monday after spending the night outside the home on Sunday, he was especially concerned because it was Ramadan when Muslims, by virtue of their religion, are obliged to stay pure.

Haruna reportedly grabbed Habiba and subjected her to severe beating.

She was said to have died on the way to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital and was buried on the same day.


The depths and depravity some Muslims will sink to while other Muslims express little or no concern absolutely astounds me. No other religion is responsible for the atrocities we see in Islam, yet too many refuse to condemn its practices.

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Anonymous said...

The atrocities are committed in the name of Islam also they are involved of honour killing of their women which is terrorism.