Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Boredom Leads To Violent Jihad

If this is the case, expect me to become a Muslim and join Jihad any day now...

A SENSE of boredom and frustration with their "insignificant" lives is a common trait of people who become violent jihadis, according to leading terrorism expert.

Marc Sageman is a former CIA officer who worked with the Afghan mujahideen in the 1980s and early 1990s.

He left the US intelligence service and became a clinical psychiatrist, giving him some perspective on Islamic extremism.

He has spent the past few years researching terrorist networks and their radicalisation. He said terrorist recruits might range from highly educated doctors to unemployed youths. "There's nothing mysterious about these guys," he said. "It's not about being brainwashed. They are all too human."

Mr Sageman, who will be the keynote speaker at this week's Safeguarding Australia conference in Canberra, said yesterday: "If there's one thing they have in common … it is that they have had very insignificant lives.


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Anonymous said...

Two points. I, myself, am NEVER bored...

...but if I was, hummm, how about a little jihad?

Im sorry, but as serious as this is, and psychologically speaking...it is debatable, I have to laugh. I think the brutal brain washing since birth is to blame, it is not boredom, but poverty, disease, and despair that leads them to Jihad...when they go ask their leaders for change...their leaders say there those are to blame for your problems and point their fingers toward Israel (and sadly, now us) as the cause for their problems. It is the same tactic the communists and the fascist have used to win against their enemies. They appeal to the less fortunate and say we know who is to blame for your lot in life, and then point the finger to who ever they want to obliterate. It is a great way to keep control of a people. That's why the brutal oppression, also. Keep the people oppressed, represed, hungry, ignorant, terrorised, and you'll have an endless supply of slaves to fight my wars for me.