Thursday, October 25, 2007

As A Democracy Is Being Born, Another Democracy Is Dying

While America struggles to create a democracy in a reluctant Iraq, the frail pro-Western coalition government of Serbia may be on the verge of collapse as Islamic Albanians threaten to secede. The move could create a new Islamic state:

Kosovo has been under U.N. rule since 1999, when NATO expelled Serb forces accused of killing civilians while fighting a separatist insurgency.

Negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo Albanian leaders have been going on for months with no sign of compromise.

The Albanians have threatened to declare independence unilaterally once the talks end in early December and are hoping for recognition from the United States and major EU countries.

Speaking in Berlin on Wednesday, Serb Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic said he feared a unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo would strengthen radical nationalists in Serbia and lead to the collapse of the government.

"Losing Kosovo would be seen as a defeat for democratic forces," Djelic said at a Friedrich Ebert Foundation event.

Muslim Albanians have already made their desires clear - to control and dominate non-Muslim populations. A new Islamic state will only serve to strengthen Jihad forces, providing new training grounds and a sympathetic foothold in Europe for terrorists.

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