Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Muslim Albanian Arrested In Serb Massacre

Remember your outrage in hearing of the Serbian aggression against ethnic Albanians during the Kosovo War? I certainly do. Now I have regrets. What we were witnessing were the initial throes of modern Jihad. And in our misguided politically-correct attempt to instill peace and protect life, we detrimentally quelled the first waves of the 21st century crusade.

PRISTINA, Serbia-Police in Kosovo said they had arrested an ethnic Albanian Tuesday accused of murdering 14 Serb villagers in one of the bloodiest ethnic attacks during U.N. administration of the province.

The man was arrested at his home in eastern Kosovo close to where the 14 were shot dead in a field while bringing in the wheat harvest in July 1999, soon after the province came under United Nations and NATO control.

Police spokesman Veton Elshani said U.N. special police units arrested a suspect charged with committing war crimes, but gave no further details. He was identified by media as Mazllum Bytyqi.

A British patrol in 1999 found the victims of the massacre after hearing automatic weapon fire near the town of Gracko, 10 miles (16 kilometers) south of the capital, Pristina.

The attack was blamed on ethnic Albanian militants seeking revenge for years of persecution by Serb authorities and highlighted the animosity between the majority ethnic Albanians and minority Serbs that still persists.


We would be better served to learn from history, rather than trying to write it.

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