Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Muslims Bomb Serbian Church

The Religion of Peace, as usual. The Serbs tried to fight IslamoFascism in 1999, but the world condemned their actions and forced them to stand down. Since then, countless Serbs have been slaughtered by Muslim mobs, churches burned or destroyed, Muslims demand the right to dominate non-Muslim Serbs, and IslamoFascism in Kosovo is gaining strength.

Kosovo police confirm that a bomb was thrown on a Serbian Orthodox church in Gnjilane but the device did not explode leaving a black trace on the wall of the church.

The attack on the St. Nikola church in Gnjilane marks the latest bomb attack on churches in Kosovo dominated by Muslim Albanians that seek independence. Since 1999, nearly 200 churches have been demolished either by explosives or by a Muslim mob.

When is the world going to label this global Jihad as a genocide?

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