Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Jihadis Pwed By Infidel Blogger (Bumped & Updated)

Just like their backward death cult, Muslims are woefully lacking in common netiquette. But what should we expect from those whose entire school curriculum consists of "kill the Infidels, kill the Jews, oppress your women, then kill some more Infidels and Jews"?

I digress. Back to the post. It seems a 'net Jihadis hotlinked an image from Snapped Shot, who responded in the most infidel fashion:

I love it when websites assume that they're free to link to any image they find in Google Image Search. I especially love it when the website in question is run by America-bashing terror supporters. (Will they ever learn?)

So, upon reviewing my access logs, imagine my delight to discover that someone's been swiping my bandwidth? Some website called "SwaraMuslim" has written a bunch of stuff that is in a language I can't identify offhand. [Ed.:—Someone smarter than myself wrote to inform me that this is Indonesian. Which explains why Babelfish can't do anything with it.]

Now, I'm not all that smart, but from what I can glean from this article, it would appear that they're saying that Norm Podhoretz is trying to convince George W. "Chimpy McHalliburton" Bush to bomb Iran, and that the People's Islamic Army would crush us, naturally.


It gets better. Click on over there to see how SnappedShot pwned this Jihadis.

UPDATE: Many thanks to Brian at SnappedShot for creating this AWESOME image:

This image, along with many others, have replaced a hotlinked graphic prominently displayed on a Jihadis website. Thanks, Brian!

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