Monday, October 1, 2007

Jerusalem Post Retracts Gaza "Honor Killing" Video Story

On Saturday, September 29th, The Jerusalem Post published a story about a horrific "honor killing" caught on video. They have since removed the article. Today, the JPost published a follow up story about the incident:

As part of a campaign to discredit Hamas, Fatah has been using a video showing the killing of a girl in Iraq as "evidence" of Hamas's "atrocities" in the Gaza Strip.

On Friday, officials from the Fatah-controlled General Intelligence contacted The Jerusalem Post, offering the "exclusive" video and story for publication in Sunday's Post. They claimed that it provided fresh evidence of Hamas's "barbarity."

The officials even gave the Post the phone numbers of two men in the Gaza Strip who claimed that they had witnessed the "honor killing" of the 16-year-old girl. The two confirmed (by phone) that they had witnessed the lynching of the girl in the Gaza Strip.

Since the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip, the IDF has banned Israeli journalists from entering the area. Consequently, the Israeli media (and many foreign journalists) are forced to rely on local reporters and Fatah and Hamas officials as a main source of information.

The girl, along with her two sisters, was murdered in the Gaza Strip in July for "dishonoring" her family, the group claimed. And according to Palestinian human rights groups, at least 11 Palestinian women have been murdered in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the year in what is known as "honor killings."

But thanks to the awareness of readers and bloggers, who responded to an article on the video that was later removed from the Post's Web site on Saturday night, the Post did not carry the article in Sunday's paper and has ascertained that the supposed fresh

It is ironic that Muslims would offer the video to disparage other Muslims since we are inundated with claims that Islam is "peaceful." Fatah is hypocritically acknowledging Islamic brutality while at the same time using it as a propaganda tool to discredit a rival.

Little Green Footballs had covered the original released footage:

Here’s an example of an “honor killing” (a horrible term for an evil practice) that is not linked to Islam or perpetrated by Muslims. In this case the Dark Ages barbarism was committed by members of the Yazidi religion, a pre-Islamic, pre-Christian pagan faith, and the girl was murdered because she had a relationship with a Muslim boy: The moment a teenage girl was stoned to death for loving the wrong boy. (WARNING: somewhat graphic pictures at the link above.)

Honor Killing in Kurdistan


ERS said...

Good point about the inherent hypocrisy in denying violence within the faith while also using it as a tool of propaganda against fellow Muslims. Logically, it can hardly be both ways.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

DMartyr said...

Thank you for your comment. :)

I looked into your book. I'd love to read it, but I'm not sure if my blood pressure could handle it.

ers said...

Well, some of the findings are surprising in a good way. Save Appendix C for when your blood pressure is way down. :-)

DMartyr said...

I've added the book to my Amazon shopping cart. After I read it, I'll post an entry about it here on my blog. If you'd care to write a brief description or comment, I'll be happy to include it. :)

If you choose to do so, please email it using the "contact me" at the bottom of the blog page.