Sunday, October 21, 2007

Switzerland's "Black Sheep" Party Surges Ahead

The Swiss People's Party, or SVP, is a right-wing political party known for opposition to unchecked immigration. While one of its positions is to expel all foreigners and immigrants who commit violent crimes, the party has been viewed as anti-Islam, since a large portion of violent immigrants appear to be Muslim.

ZURICH (Reuters) - The right-wing Swiss People's Party (SVP) is set to consolidate its position as the alpine nation's most popular grouping in a parliamentary election on Sunday, outstripping its rivals after a provocative campaign.

Polling booths in Switzerland are due to close around midday (11 a.m. British time). A large proportion of Swiss ballots are cast by mail in advance of election day. The first estimated national result is due at around 1900 local time (6 p.m. British time).

According to the last opinion poll conducted before the election, the People's Party are expected to win 27.3 percent of the vote, a slight increase over 2003 when they raced to the top of the polls amid accusations of xenophobia.

The SVP has again run a controversial campaign calling for the extradition of foreigners who commit serious crimes. It has been criticised by opponents and has ruffled the usually smooth waters of Switzerland's consensus-based politics.

Opposition to the SVP's campaign, which used posters calling for the "black sheep" of Swiss society to be booted out, spilled over into a rare outburst of violence on the streets of Berne earlier this month when police and left-wing activists clashed.

Good for Switzerland! May they defend and protect their freedoms from Islamo-Fascists.


Anonymous said...

Well that should tell a lot about switzerland to all foreigners looking to visit: we are racist and we hate foreigners. Tourist beware!

DMartyr said...

I think Switzerland is simply tired of foreigners coming to their country, refusing to assimilate and then demanding changes to benefit themselves or their faith.

I support SVP.