Monday, February 11, 2008

Mullah Helpfully Removes His Genes From the Human Gene Pool

I love a story with a happy ending...

A LANDMINE blew up in the home of a religious cleric in southern Afghanistan, killing the mullah, two of his sons and two other men who had been preparing an attack, police said today.

The cleric's wife was critically wounded in the blast in their compound in the southern province of Helmand late yesterday, and a daughter was hurt, provincial police chief General Mohammad Hussein Andiwal said. - Mullah accidentally blows up self, sons

He removes not only his genes, but also those of his sons. Allah works in mysterious ways. Perhaps he had too many virgins lying around doing nothing?

On a side note, this story reveals one of the few benefits of being a Muslim woman. While the men were busy doing manly things like scheming ways to kill the kuffar, the women were safely hidden away so as not to provoke the visiting Muslims into raping them...

There are just no words to express my joy, except - Allahu Achbar!


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