Friday, February 22, 2008

Pallywood Productions Still Alive

(Hat Tip: Patti)

The depth the Palestinian propaganda machine will sink to promote their agenda of villanizing Israel and the IDF knows no bounds.

The death of Rachel Corrie was tragic. She was a clueless idealist who bought into the Palestinian lies of a 'poor, oppressed people.' She was in a place she should not have been. She allowed herself to be manipulated by an uncaring, selfish culture that values death over life, lies over truth. Corrie died defending terrorists.

And Palestinian terrorism apologists have no qualms in exploiting that death.

Just as we saw in "Pallywood" and in the al Dura videos (both are available in the right sidebar under 'videos'), truth is inconsequential when it comes to Jihad.

Smooth Stone blog investigates:

In the three videos below, Becky Johnson and Lee Kaplan discuss the real circumstances on the death of ISM anarchist Rachel Corrie in March of 2003 when she knelt in front of an Israeli bulldozer being a human shield while it was clearing suspected weapons smuggling tunnels in Gaza - and NOT a terrorist's house, which is what the ISM tried to pitch to the international community to garner support for their terrorist-loving cause.

These three videos (each one approx. 9 minutes long) include doctored photos from ISM (see above doctored photo-chopped photograph from the ISM site) The ISM released those photos on their own website maintaining they showed Corrie with a bullhorn confronting the bulldozer that killed her, then moments later after being struck.

Read more: - Videos: How Rachel Corrie really died

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