Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Muslims Fear YouTube (Update)

(Hat Tip: King Rob)

This is the video that caused Pakistan to ban the video sharing website, YouTube. The ban not only blocked Pakistani citizens from watching or uploading videos, it resulted in a worldwide disruption of YouTube's website.

A test-run to censor anti-Islamic expressions? Who knows. But it illustrates even more why it is important to keep spreading the message of Islamic intolerance.

Download the video and upload it to your own YouTube accounts. If you use Firefox, get the add-on called GreaseMonkey which will allow you to download most any videos that can be viewed in the browser. If you don't use Firefox, you can download the video using KeepVid.com.

UPDATE: I uploaded the video to LiveLeak after several copies were deleted by YouTube. Thanks to the guys at LiveLeak for not only allowing it, but for Featuring it as well. Kudos!


http://www.jihadwatch.org - Dutch lawmaker planning film criticizing Qur'an -- Dutch Justice Minister quails: "Think about the what the repercussions could be"

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