Sunday, February 10, 2008

Huckabee For President

It seems the best choices for a Republican president have fallen. Tancredo, Thompson, and Romney... Though far from perfection, they were certainly the most desirable.

And then there were two.

Given that the most important issues this election cycle are immigration and IslamicFascism, only one person is worthy of support. John McCain is not that person.

Mike Huckabee promises to:

  • Secure the border/ build the fence
  • Prevent unearned amnesty
  • Enforce current immigration laws
  • Defend and support Israel
  • In Iraq, concentrate on surgical air strikes and commando raids - both more effective methods in dealing with individual terrorist groups
  • Increase the Defense budget - we'll fight to win
  • Get tough with Pakistan and other "allies"
  • Make America more energy independent
  • Protect 2nd Amendment rights
  • Expose & identify our true enemy - Islamic fundamentalists

Our choices are limited, but thank whatever god you believe in that we live in a country where we still have choices.

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