Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Turkish Germans Steal Infidel Electricity; Pay Ultimate Price

(Hat Tip: 1389Blog)

The recent fire in Ludwigshafen, Germany, brought tragedy and heroism. The world watched as a baby tossed from a 4th floor window was caught by waiting firefighters. Nine people died in the blaze, and as many as 60 people were injured. All were of Turkish descent.

But these Turks weren't just any immigrants. They were Muslim immigrants. As such, Turkish authorities rushed to portray them as victims of intolerant Infidels. But new evidence suggests the Turkish residents may be to blame - for attempting to steal electricity:

This spectacle by the Turkish politicians ignores hat the fire-fighters were doing a marvellous job (no 'racism' here), that the cause of the fire is still unknown after four days of investigation. A probable cause is tinkering with electric circuits - in other words, the inhabitants messing with the wiring in an attempt to steal electricity, causing them to overheat and set off the blaze.

http://europenews.dk - Excessive Turkish reactions to the fire in Ludwigshafen

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