Thursday, February 7, 2008

Damned If We Do, Damned If We Don't

The very people we saved during the Kosovo war, the ones we brought to America and gave food, water, shelter, medical, employment, and FREEDOM, are now threatening violence in Serbia and in the United States.

These people have no shame. It doesn't matter how much we give, they want more and more.

Kosovo is a Serbian province ruled by Muslim Albanian separatists that have vowed violence if their demands for independence are not met by the international community.

"A delay in independence could provoke a violent response from embittered Kosovo Albanian extremists," says McConnell.

McConnell notes that NATO intervention in the province is a possibility after Kosovo separatists declare independence and any violence inside Kosovo will spill over into neighboring states.

However, McConnell warns that even if the status of Kosovo is resolved in favor of the separatists, the Albanian ethnic minorities living in Macedonia and southern Serbia are likely to continue "pressing for greater autonomy" which will be used by extremist Albanians to initiate violence there.

"[E]thnic Albanian extremists will attempt to exploit public discontent and use small-scale violence to rally support for unification with Kosovo," says McConnell.

The assessment notes that Serbia "will not intervene with the Serbian Army in Kosovo" but political and economic responses against Kosovo separatist will hinder any economic development of the province.

By referring in his early remarks to the Fort Dix terror plot organized by ethnic Albanian Muslims, McConnell indicated that these European Muslims will increasingly be used by the al-Qaeda to launch attacks inside the United States. - Violence likely in Kosovo, US


A said...

We didn't save them from anything. We bombed the Serbs to advance the Muslim jihad in Kosovo. Idiot West!

Even worse, America, by its support of Germany's Balkan policy has cleared the way for the re-emergence of German military power. Germany already rules the EU roost. America also cleared the way for Iran to dominate the Middle East by eliminating its enemies on its east and west.

America's foreign policy can be described as anti-American and anti-West.

DMartyr said...

It is frightening how short-sighted America is...