Friday, June 13, 2008

Reasoned Jihad Against Muslims

Cathy Young, in her article The Jihad Against Muslims, wrote:

Even in milder form, there are sweeping generalizations that reduce any social or political problem anywhere to a "Muslim problem" as long as there are Muslims involved. Take this description by Mark Steyn: "There are many trouble spots around the world, but as a general rule, it’s easy to make an educated guess at one of the participants: Muslims vs. Jews in ‘Palestine,’ Muslims vs. Hindus in Kashmir, Muslims vs. Christians in Africa, Muslims vs. Buddhists in Thailand, Muslims vs. Russians in the Caucasus, Muslims vs. backpacking tourists in Bali."

This account not only omits many non-Islamic trouble spots, from Korea to Colombia, but also implicitly presumes that Muslims are the guilty parties and Islam is the problem in every conflict listed.

True, Ms. Young, there are trouble spots that do not involve Islam, as there are acts of terrorism that do not involve Muslims. However, if one rationally considers that a "faith" which comprises only 20% of the total world population is involved in almost 90% of all world conflicts and more than 95% of all acts of terrorism, then the perspective becomes clear.

It is indisputable that Islam disproportionately behaves more violently than all other faiths combined. That isn't Islamophobia, that isn't racism, that isn't bigotry. That is a simple, cold fact.

Young also writes in her article:

There are regions, such as Bosnia, where the Muslim populations are modern and moderate, and there are progressive and reformist forces within Islam.

If you cannot see the truth, is it because you don't look. Here is a picture of a couple of Kosovo's "modern and moderate" Muslims Ms. Young lauds:

A young Muslim man takes a picture of his friend urinating on a burned down church in Kosovo.

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