Friday, June 6, 2008

The Great Orator

Why can't we have politicians like this in America?

Geert Wilders speaks out about the repercussions of his film, "Fitna" and how they may affect the freedoms in the West. Read the entire speech HERE. An excerpt:

I come to the conclusion that there is a lack of leadership in the free West. Leadership to defend our freedom on behalf of us and our children. The political elites governing Western countries are themselves governed by fear. Fear of facing the truth. Fear of letting go the still prevalent ideology of cultural relativism. Fear of fighting for freedom of speech, particularly when the message expresses an inconvenient truth or is delivered by somebody with a critical or satirical view of Islam. Our freedom is being bargained away.

The ruling elite is afraid of losing the growing support of Islamic voters, afraid of the economic consequences of an anti-Islamisation policy, afraid of being less popular with the other dhimmi government leaders in the European Council. But we all know that fear is a bad counsellor. Rather than preserving our freedom, fear and political correctness will in the long term cost us our hard-won freedom.

The controversial film:

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