Thursday, June 26, 2008

Muslims Attack Innocents Over Rumour

Is this still news? Rioting without cause and attacking innocent people because of perceived insults - it's become such a common occurrence...

A Christian woman converts to Islam. Authorities rush to protect her from her family, just in case they might be thinking of harming her. They don't, of course, but later the woman decides to "disappear." Frothing, insatiable Muslims go on a mad rampage attacking non-Muslims who had nothing to do with the woman or her family.

The "religion of peace" at work.

The attackers took to the streets on June 19, 2008 after the disappearance of Dalia Makram, a Christian convert to Islam. Dalia, or Demiana as she was known before her conversion to Islam, converted to Islam in order to marry Hamada Sayed Zaki about two years ago.

After her conversion to Isam, the authorities detained members of her family justifying the move as" to protect her if they thought of harming her" Dalia’s family subsequently left the village and moved elsewhere.

Just out of curiosity, how often does a Christian family harm a family member for apostasy? They may shun the family member, but rarely, if ever, will they hurt the family member.

On the other hand, how many apostates from Islam have been threatened, harmed, or murdered? How many "honour" killings have been committed because the victim "abandoned" his/her religion?

Too many.

On the 19th June, Dalia went to Cairo with her husband and child to visit a sick relative. She later disappeared and rumors spread that her Christian family abducted her. This spurred the Muslims of Al-Nazla to gather and attack Copts homes in an act of retribution, even though the Copts in the village had nothing to do with the matter.

Only the 'religion of peace' will justify an attack on innocent civilians based on "rumours" or "suspicions." Falling straight into her role of a 'good' Muslim, I would not be the least bit surprised if Demiana staged her own disappearance to stir tensions and disorder Muslims so desperately desire.

If You can't go to fight Jihad, bring Jihad to where you can fight.

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