Friday, June 6, 2008

Blind 7 Year Old Beaten to Death For Not Learning the Quran

Ah, the religion of peace...

Just another day at the madrassah. (One of which, incidentally, Barack Hussein "No Middle Name" Obama attened as a child!)

Police said Ziauddin, whose title "Qari" signifies he is a mullah, had suspended the boy from a ceiling fan for an hour before he beat him. When he realised how badly Mohammed was hurt, he apparently fled instead of taking him to hospital.


An autopsy concluded that Mohammed, who was blind from birth, died of severe head injuries and also found marks of "physical torture" on his body. Police said the fatal blow might have been caused by Ziauddin dropping the boy when he cut him down from the fan.

According to the boy's father, the teacher had previously smashed him over the head with an iron rod, cutting him so badly that he needed stitches.

"We got the boy treated and wanted to pull him out of the madrassah but we decided to readmit him after the teacher said he would show some mercy to the boy," Mohammed's father Fayyaz Ahmed, 35, said. "We really did not expect him to go so far after he reassured us."

Mohammed was sent to the school eight months ago in the hope that he would become a Hafiz-e-Quran - a scholar who wins great respect by memorising the whole of the Koran.

"We kept pushing him to go because we wanted him to become a religious scholar," sobbed his mother Gulzar Bibi, 28. "We thought he was making the stories up like kids usually do to avoid going to school."

"We thought he would be the key to our emancipation on the day of the judgment," she added.

One fundamental difference between Muslims and the rest of humanity. How many parents would have left their child in an abusive situation in order to secure their own selfish salvation? Why would these parents send their child back to a school where they knew he was being savagely beaten?

Sacrificing children - even one's own children - is a virtue in Islam. Why? Because unlike Christianity, which offers salvation through the intercession of God's child, Muslims believe their salvation lies with the intercession of another Muslim. In Islam, only the most absolutely pious Muslims earn their own way into paradise. Muslim scholars conveniently are permitted into Islamic paradise. Martyrs who die fighting for Allah are guaranteed to reach paradise. Each will then be able to 'invite' up to 70 friends or relatives to join them in paradise. (That doesn't include the 373,248 virgins for each man.) The average "moderate" Muslim must depend on an invitation of a scholar or martyr!

This is the reason so many Muslim parents are eager to send their children to their deaths. This is the reason Muslims celebrate when a loved one dies. This is the cult of death.


Godefroi said...

Sick f'ing wack-jobs. Incredible.

Can you point me to some writings about inviting 70 friends? I hadn't come across that before.

Also...the huge number of virgins - is that hyperbole or something I missed somewhere?

Keep up the good work, D. And Thanks.


DMartyr said...

Click the link. That goes to a YouTube video of Walid Shoebat discussing intercession in Islam. (In case you don't know, or if you do, for others who may not, Walid Shoebat is a former islamic terrorist. He grow up learning the same ideology islamic terrorists use to justify violence today.) It is what youths in radical muslim countries are being taught.

Also, there are contradictory verses in the hadith and quran that suggest intercession. (Surah 20:109, 34:23, 10:3, 19:87 to name a few)

The virgins - Most people believe the number is 72 virgins. It is actually 72 mansions, each with 72 beds, and in each bed, 72 virgins for a total of 373,248 virgins per man in islamic paradise.