Friday, June 20, 2008

Do You Want Fries With That?

Okay, the cult of Islam hasn't stooped as low as it could, but this cult apparently has:

A mother is accused of partially skinning her caged son and feeding it to relatives.

Kalra Mauerova, 31, of Brno in the Czech Republic, wept in court as she admitted torturing her son Ondrej, and his ten-year-old brother, Jakub, The Sun reported.

Mauerova, a member of the Grail Movement cult, caged Ondrej for months while relatives, also members of the cult, ate his raw flesh, a judge heard yesterday.

Also apparent, I, too, have stooped fairly low with the tasteless title of this post. But sometimes the depravities and horrors so-called human beings commit on each other - especially on defenseless children - can only be sanely comprehended with a bite of sardonic humour.

I wish the punishments of people like this were balanced with an equality of torment caused to their victims. This witch (with a capital "B") should be thrown into a rotting, stinking dungeon while portions of her flesh are ripped off her body and fed to her. Never again in her lifetime, or in the next, does she deserve a moment of rest or peace.

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