Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Double Standard

Question: Who poses the greatest threat to innocent lives and maintaining the peace - Muslim terrorists or laughing Infidels?

If you said "Muslim terrorists" YOU ARE WRONG!

POLICE have agreed to consult a panel of Muslim leaders before mounting counter-terrorist raids or arrests. Members of the panel will offer their assessment of whether information police have on a suspect is too flimsy and will also consider the consequences on community relations of a raid.

Members will be security vetted and will have to promise not to reveal any intelligence they are shown. They will not have to sign the Official Secrets Act.

The correct answer in the dhimmitude nation of Great Britain is "laughing Infidels":

A British man who was so amused with BBC1’s "Have I Got News for You" that he fell off his couch in a fit of laughter was not so happy when it got him arrested and pepper sprayed.

Christopher Cocker, 36, collapsed on the floor after laughing at a joke on TV, but his neighbor who heard the thud thought something bad had happened and called the police, the Daily Mail reported on Wednesday.

According to police, Cocker initially was cooperative but quickly became "aggressive" when asked his name and personal information. Cocker tried to shut his door on the officers, at which point he was pepper sprayed through a crack in the door.

Cocker then was handcuffed, arrested and taken to court, the Daily Mail reported. An unidentified police spokesman told the Mail that, given Cocker’s aggression, they acted appropriately.


Cocker told the Mail he never thought he would end up in court for laughing at his favorite comedian.

Well, Mr. Cocker, I never thought the West would so quickly cower to Islamofascists and non-Muslims would be so vilified for common decency and humanity. Welcome to the caliphate.

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