Friday, November 9, 2007

U.N. Collaborating With Terrorists

A week or so ago, video footage surfaced of Palestinian militants firing mortars from a Gaza school run by the United Nations:

The United Nations has been forced to respond to the video:

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has asked for a full investigation of an incident in which Palestinian militants fired rockets at Israel from a UN-run school in Gaza, the United Nations said on Thursday.

UN officials said the school in the town of Beit Hanoun run by the UNRWA agency, which aids Palestinian refugees, was empty at the time of last week's incident after being evacuated because of an Israeli incursion into Gaza.

"The Secretary-General has asked that UNRWA fully investigate this incident," UN Spokeswoman Marie Okabe said at a news briefing. "The Secretary-General condemns this abuse of UN facilities, which is a serious violation of the UN's privileges and immunities," Okabe said.

Were this an isolated event, one might forgive the United Nations. An investigation would, no doubt, result in sanctions against Palestinian militants who abuse and violate U.N. mandates. But this is hardly an isolated incident.

Back in 2004, Reuters videotaped Palestinian militants again using U.N. resources to commit acts of terrorism against Israel:

These two incidents were caught on videotape. One has to wonder how many abuses were not. But this U.N. collaboration doesn't begin and end in Palestine. The U.N. has a history of anti-semitism to the extent it will openly support and empower terrorists. It is only a matter of time before United Nation forces take an active role in attacking Israel. As long as America and Israel are members of the U.N., both are culpable.

U.N. flag flying beside a Hizbollah flag.

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Dave said...

The United Nothing is a embarrassment
to have on U.S soil. Time to treat it like it's forerunner League of Nations...pull all of it's funding and ship it off to some foreign shore. Then watch it fade into history.