Friday, November 16, 2007

TROP Censor Responds

As reported earlier, several internet filtering companies have listed as a "hate" site. Below is a standard reply letter I received from Secure Computing Corporation. Others have reported receiving the exact same reply:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the site’s categorization. is a controversial site. Many people find it informative and want access to it, while many find it offensive and want to restrict access to it. While we hear from the public at both ends of the spectrum, we do our best to remain objective, and to cover the site in our list according to its content and according to our specific category definitions. Our customers’ filtering needs are then satisfied according to their own local policies and they can override to block or allow access at their discretion.

This site was analyzed and discussed at length by our Web Analyst team. There was an overwhelming agreement about the content of this site, that it meets specific category definitions. The site has a pervasive theme to expose violent acts perpetrated by Muslim extremists and asks that other Muslims should speak out against Muslim extremism. The site does not advocate discrimination, hate, or use of violence against Islam. But the site does use shocking material to convey its message, such as violent and horrific images. The images clearly meet our Violence category definition. The political views expressed within, as public controversy attests to, is in the outer limits and therefore meets our Political Opinion/Extreme category definitions. As with any site, we will modify the category ratings as the content changes. As this site has a fairly high profile, we will likely revisit the site frequently and re-review its status in our list.

Thank you.

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Secure Computing Corporation

Secure Computing is passing the buck off to its customers. Let the company know that censoring news, facts, and truth is unacceptable. Email them at Keep up the pressure!

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