Thursday, November 1, 2007

U.S. Diplomats Refuse Iraqi Tour: "Potential Death Sentence"

What a fine message to send our troops...

WASHINGTON -- Hundreds of U.S. diplomats Wednesday vented anger and frustration over the State Department's decision to force Foreign Service officers to take jobs in Iraq, with some calling it a "potential death sentence."

In a contentious hourlong meeting, they peppered officials with often hostile comments about the move announced last week that will require some diplomats -- under threat of dismissal -- to serve at the embassy in Baghdad and in reconstruction teams in outlying provinces.

Many expressed serious concern about the ethics of sending diplomats against their will to work in a war zone -- where the embassy staff is largely confined to Baghdad's protected Green Zone -- as the department reviews use of private security guards to protect its staff.

L.A. Times

Personally, I think every member of Congress should be ordered to tour Iraq. Maybe if they could see the limitations they have placed on our troops, the Rules of Engagement would be changed to give our guys a better advantage.

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buncan said...

Assign Diploments as needed. If they don't want to go, Give them the equivalent of a dishonorable discharge. Loss of all government benefits and a bus ticket to home of record. Remove all clearences and forget about them.