Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kosovo Albanian Jihadist Pleads Guilty

Remember - these are the displaced Albanian children America rescued during the Kosovo war. We opened our arms to them, gave them ethnic food, water and shelter. Provided them an education and work for their parents. We gave them medical assistance and counseling.

The thanks we get is a planned attack on the very people who saved their lives, respected their religion, and embraced them into our generous country.

CAMDEN, New Jersey-A man has pleaded guilty to to conspiring to provide weapons to a group of men accused of plotting an attack at the Fort Dix U.S. Army base in New Jersey.

Agron Abdullahu, an ethnic Albanian born in the Serbian province of Kosovo, faces up to five years in federal prison when he is sentenced Feb. 6. Since his arrest, he has been held in isolation at a federal detention center in Philadelphia.

Federal prosecutors have portrayed Abdullahu, a 25-year-old bakery worker, as having the smallest role among the six men arrested earlier this year in the Fort Dix case. Abdullahu was charged only with weapons offenses. The others, three ethnic Albanians from the former Yugoslavia, a Jordanian and a Turk, are charged with conspiring to kill military personnel, a crime punishable by life in prison.

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