Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bear of Submission

Islam means submission, and Muhammad is the prophet of Islam...

A defense lawyer says a British teacher has been found guilty of inciting religious hatred and sentenced to 15 days in prison and deportation from Sudan.

Gillian Gibbons went on trial earlier today for letting her students name a teddy bear Muhammad.

Gibbons walked in without handcuffs, wearing a dark jacket and blue skirt, according to reporters in the courtroom before media were ordered out of the chamber. Riot police surrounded the courthouse.

Muhammad is a common name among Muslim men, but giving the name of Islam's founder to an animal would be seen as insulting by many Muslims.

Associated Press

Sudan is a country the U.S. Department of State considers a partner in counter-terrorism. But not once in this linked press release does the U.S. Department of State mention the word "Islam" in relation to Sudan. It's no wonder in our war against Islamic terrorists, twenty-first century technology of the U.S. military is having little noticeable impact against terrorists. Our state department is incapable of recognizing the true enemy of civilization.

Islam is barbaric, draconian. Under the Sharia, countless innocents have faced cruel and unjust punishments, many resulting in death. In sending billions of dollars in U.S. foreign aid to countries like Sudan, the United States is inadvertently supporting Islamic terrorism.

It's time to wake up, America.

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