Sunday, November 25, 2007

Midday Prayer Call Disregarded To Celebrate New Iraqi Cardinal

Gateway Pundit is reporting an incredible development in Iraq. Covering the Papal ceremony, which was carried on live television, Al-Iraqiyya TV skipped broadcasting the Muslim midday call to prayer in order to keep transmitting.

No progress in Iraq? This is proof enough for me that there is progress being made. From The Talisman Gate via Gateway Pundit:

Al-Iraqiyya TV’s caption for the event was ‘The Symbols of Iraq’ and at one point the camera focused on a man in the audience holding up the Iraqi flag just as Cardinal Delli was named.

It was a very moving ceremony, and it was especially refreshing to find Iraq’s official media highlighting the event and describing the Chaldean patriarch as a national ‘symbol’. The channel even skipped the Muslim midday call to prayer in order to keep transmitting the proceedings, which were conducted in Latin but were translated into Arabic by a presenter.

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