Monday, April 19, 2010

When Doormen Strike

New Yorkers Brace for Doorman Strike

It has been nearly two decades since New Yorkers faced their last doorman strike, but as the deadline for a new contract for building workers approached, the questions being posed throughout the city remained largely unchanged on Sunday.

Who will operate those doorknob thingies? Who will greet us with a cheery, "Good day, sir"?

“The whole operation of the building would basically be shut down and we’d rely on residents to pitch in just to get by,” [ED: OH, THE HUMANITY!] said Dan Wurtzel, president of Cooper Square Realty, one of the largest residential management companies in the New York. “There’s a tremendous amount of preparation we have to undertake. Then, if it doesn’t happen, we can breathe a sign of relief. If it does happen, then we’re prepared to deal with it.”

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