Friday, April 23, 2010

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Speaks About Muslim Death Threats Against South Park

(Hat Tip The Jawa Reprt)


Anonymous said...

Although it is from last year, I think you may find this book review useful. The author comes from a Muslim perspective and reviews her works. The link is here ... it is good to hear other opinions and ideas.

Hope you find it interesting.

DMartyr said...

Your review is hardly honest or accurate.

For example, you wrote:

[Ayaan Hirsi Ali] writes, “Like the fact that Muslim women at home are kept locked up, are raped and are married off against their will.”[27] She fails to mention any religious justification for this

She has mentioned religious justification - the quran, Hadith, and muhammad's own behavior & teachings. She has experienced it in her life growing up as a muslim and living in a muslim society.

Young girls and women are married off against their will and, as unwilling and unconsenting wives, are raped. Muslim women throughout islamic societies are are held like prisoners in their homes, forbidden to leave without a related male chaperon.

The quran commands husbands to beat their wives if they fear desertion (notice, not if they KNOW their wives will desert them, but only *fear* it).

Your prophet muhammad said if a girl is too shy (or perhaps too afraid) to consent to a marriage, her *silence* is consent.

That is not consent. That is intimidation and coercion. That is RAPE if the marriage is consummated.

Your prophet even managed to convince his blind, brainwashed followers that 6 year old Aisha somehow managed to give consent. A child of that age does not have the mental capacity to consent, much less understand the commitment of marriage.

But that didn't stop your perfect example from raping that little girl, the consequences of which little girls to this day suffer in islamic societies.

I suggest you learn more about your own religion before attempting to write reviews of books written by those more experienced in islam than yourself.

And, if you are aware of everything above but still have no problem calling a child rapist a man of god, then that says more about your character and agenda than any review you do.

I will leave your comment and link up, so readers can decide for themselves.

Anonymous said...

"Your prophet muhammad said if a girl is too shy (or perhaps too afraid) to consent to a marriage, her *silence* is consent."

Just a nitpick -- be sure to quot the relevant ahadith, as it strengthens your argument.

"Narrated 'Aisha: I asked the Prophet, "O Allah's Apostle! Should the women be asked for their consent to their marriage?" He said, "Yes." I said, "A virgin, if asked, feels shy and keeps quiet." He said, "Her silence means her consent.""--Sahih Bukhari Volume 9 Book 85 Number 79

"Narrated Abu Haraira: Allah's Apostle said, "A lady slave should not be given in marriage until she is consulted, and a virgin should not be given in marriage until her permission is granted." The people said, "How will she express her permission?" The Prophet said, "By keeping silent (when asked her consent).""--Sahih Bukhari Volume 9 Book 86 Number 100

DMartyr said...

PD - I usually do, but I'm getting lazy...

Besides, its so amusing to me when a muhammadan tries to claim I'm lying and the passage doesn't exist.

When I show the source (from their own hadith) after he/she makes that claim, it not only proves them wrong, but it also proves they don't know their own faith.