Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Qur'an Is A Selfish Meme

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Anonymous said...

Can you picturize those aspects of the universe which are unexposed to your cameras to be captured?
Exactly nO.
that's what I m trying to tell you.
dont mix the things like gene,mem,muslims,islam,allah,jews ect.
this presntation is formally a mix of things in fuzzy way.
please create apicturization so that whole of the mankind instantly looking your way saya that you are true and every thing rest is false,
its not possible becasue you dont have recahbility to the address space which the quraan is talking about.

my dearest friend ,your research is in childish age,try to broden it from address space of google,pictures,graphics,blood,life,luxry,sentenceses,psychology.....etc.

broaden your way of representation across the infinite address space spread across you in the form of endless universe,qustioning the mankind the name of that power who created the superlative degree of everything that exixts! if you have some doubts about that "one" who created the thing and nothing both,you must try to broden your knowledge sphere.