Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Apostate

I stumbled upon a most splendidly endearing blog written by a Muslim Apostate. The rarest forms of humanity are the ones who sacrifice the bonds and security of conformity for enlightened freedom. They are the ones who will lead us to peace.

I was raised as a Muslim in Saudi Arabia by conservative Muslim Pakistani parents. From an early age, I had many issues with my inherited religion, ranging from great guilt and fear over missing the ritual prayers to a great deal of anger at God for making the world the way he apparently had.

I believed in Islam for as long as I did for a strange and not uncommon but very unsophisticated reason: Koranic Science, undeniable proof (or so I thought) that Islam was God’s Truth. When that turned out to be a crock, I believed for a little longer out of a sort of inertia, coupled with a great spiritual hunger that arose out of the relative deprivation of my life.

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