Friday, April 24, 2009

Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam

The Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam is organizing a rally in support of the many victims of Islam. If you live in the area, PLEASE consider attending and show your support! Visit or email for more information.

When: Sunday May 3, 12 Noon

Where: Times Square. 7th Ave & 42nd St.


We are going to to honor our human rights defenders and memorialize Radical Islam's victims. Our defenders in America include: The Armed Forces, Homeland Security, Police, FireFighters, Emergency Workers and the CIA and FBI.

We will memorialize the many victims of Radical Islam from all (and no) religious groups, races, colours and creeds. We want to connect communities across the spectrum so that we can confront Radical Islam on a unified front.

We will clearly identify Radical Islam as a world wide danger to our human rights.

Sponsored By: ACT! Manhattan, AFSI, AMCHA, Americans for Peace and Tolerance, Chinese Community Relations Council (CCRC), The David Project, Foundation Nepalese, Gathering of Eagles-NY, Hindu Human Rights Watch, Indian American Intellectual Forum, International Foundation of Bangladeshi Hindus, Jewish Action Alliance, Mothers Against Terrorism, Namdhari Sikh Foundation, R.E.A.L. Courage, Snapped Shot, Sudan Freedom Walk and Zionist Organization of America.

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