Saturday, September 29, 2007

Iran: Woman Sentenced To Stoning Death; Man Lashed For Same 'Crime'

The inequities of Islamic law is painfully illustrated here. A man and a woman have an affair. The man is sentenced to 100 lashes, while the woman is sentence to be executed by stoning.

Tehran, 28 Sept.(AKI) - A court in the Iran's second largest city, Mashad, has sentenced to death by stoning a mother-of-three for having an extra-marital affair, an Iranian newspaper reported Friday.

The daily Quds said the married woman's lover had confessed to having had sex with her and that the court sentenced him to 100 lashes.

There are currently eight women in Iranian prisons waiting to be executed by stoning, a practice usually reserved for those found guilty of adultery according to the Islamic republic's laws.

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