Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Anatomy Of A Muslim Web Site

The Australian Islamist Monitor website has an interesting article analyzing a Muslim Public Affairs Council website.

The article examines Muslim attitudes on assimilation and the conclusions are quite disturbing, but far from surprising. Enjoy.

Western countries have a proud record of accepting people from different countries, races and religions. Our politicians are always bragging about how Multiculturalism has been a great success and anyone who disputes this is branded as a “racist”. Gordon Brown of the UK stands up in the House of Commons and talks about what a wonderful contribution Muslims have made to the UK. President Obama also praises the Muslim contribution to America, but behind this “political spin” the signs say that Muslims don’t integrate and cause social unrest as their numbers grow.

The Australian media also portray an image of harmony with Muslims and we often see our politicians and Police attending Ramadan and Eid celebrations. It is interesting therefore to examine what Muslims are instructed to do when living in Western countries. In the UK and Ireland, Muslims have established Muslim Public Affairs Committees to channel information to their local Ummah and to instruct.

In this article then we will examine some of the material that is posted on the Irish MPAC site for Irish Muslims to read about living in Ireland as a Muslim.

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The Anatomy of a Muslim Web Site

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Culturist John said...

Thanks for the link. My problem is with the introduction you cite. The US has not got a proud record or traditionally pride in openness. We have been very circumspect about immigration from strange peoples. In the US, in 1924 we passed a law that greatly restricted all but Northwest Europeans.

All nations are culturist. They promote, protect, and guide their majority cultures. We have also traditionally be culturist. Culturism is our tradition, multiculturalism is the deviation.

And, Brown is wrong that those who worry about immigration are racist. We are not concerned with race. We are culturist.

And, yes, the hypocrisy is funny. The other side is clear about their intention to spread Islam and they don't allow Christians to build churches in their nations. And, yet we are not allowed to protect our traditional culture!

Thanks!! John