Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How Many Liberals Does It Take To Debate Pam Geller?

Trick question! Liberals don't know how to debate!

But it took three to avoid addressing any real issues about Sarah Palin. Although Pam Geller raised valid issues, the best Joy Behar, Ron Reagan, and Stephanie Miller could do was hurl petty, childish insults at Sarah Palin and make cliterectomy jokes at the expense of suffering women.

See for yourself:

Pam still kept her cool and, in spite of the gang up against her, managed to expose even more liberal hypocrisy and venom.

Read more at Atlas Shrugs.

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Stan Black said...

Um, yea. Pam was a blithering idiot. How many conservative robots does it take to screw in a light bulb? None. Conservatives believe robots offend God.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Pam! What a disgusting biatch Joy whatever her last name is and Ronald Reagan must be turning in embaressment in his grave at his disgusting hate- filled son. This video is typical of the leftists who feel no qualms about ganging up on anyone, whether in private or in public. Coupled with Joy's finger pointing, the grimacing of Reagan and the continual interruptions, Pam, I applaud your cool.

And to Stan Black, YOU are the blithering idiot who is so intolerant that he can't stand a difference of opinion and seems to support rudness and bores who think their opinion about mundane and unimportant issues are all that there is. You and your kind: go ahead and committ cultural suicide but you have no right to demand that I die with you!