Monday, August 18, 2008

FoxNews Avoids The "M" Word Or The "I" Word

Just as CNN did a couple of weeks ago in its report on "Honor" Killings, FoxNews has also taken the PC road to avoid using the terms "muslim" or "Islam" in its report about acid attacks on women in Pakistan.

Saira Liaqat, 26, poses for the camera as she holds a portrait of herself before being burnt, at her home in Lahore. Saira was married to her relative who would later attack her after insistently demanding her to live with him, although the families had agreed she wouldn't join him until she finished school. Saira has undergone plastic surgery 9 times to try to recover from her scars.

This is very sad, because such evil cannot be defeated until we are ready to confront it. By refusing to acknowledge it, we embolden it.

"There Are A Thousand Hacking At The Branches Of Evil To One Who Is Striking At The Root."
~Henry Thoreau


blogfreeworld said...

I'm posting this at my site if you don't mind. This is really terrible. The question as ever is: why these stories do not have much more exposure at the news?

I'm linking to your site too.

DMartyr said...

Don't mind at all! Please do help get the word out.

And thanks for the link. I shall return the favor.


Anonymous said...

I have been asking people from pakistan and India about this in America, and some Indians replied what are these girls doing to deserve this and then went on to brag how they were attorneys in India and how these girls are merely from a villiage incinuating that they don't count.
How ignorant of them and uneducated.
They think they are important because they are attorneys from a third world country and how much better they are then the villiagers.
Out in America they are just 7-11 workers.
Shame on them for condoning pure evil. Jesus said how you treat the least of me is how you treat me.
Just wait when Jesus comes back, vengeance is his and he will repay.
What is happeneing to these children who are not women yet is worse than animal, even animals treat themselves better.
Shame is brought to them as they treat Gods precious creation (women) like they are nothing.
Shame on all of you and may God save your soul, and help these women and save their souls too in Jesus name who is God.
Praise be to his holy name.

God be with these children/girls/women who are being abused in these third world countries, where child molestation is legal and encouraged.
These things are unspeakable.
These girls are so brave and have more character and more strength than these weak men will ever have.
That is why they beat them, pure jealousy of what they can never be in life.
They disrespect their own book.

skibz said...

Anonymous you are obviously speaking from a christian or jewish bias. your talking about education but are you really educated in the situation at hand... if you were you would know that they reason they as what they did wrong is because if they disobey their Qur'an it is not only a disgrace to their god Allah it is a disgrace to the Islam religion. most people want these issues blasted all over the news, why that cant happen is because the conflict of religions. most of the "honor killing" are to young girls who are sleeping with men out of wedlock... with knowledge in both christianity and judaism i know that neither of those religions are supposed to do that yet the majority or people who claim to be christian are indeed sleeping with other out of wedlock all week then going to church on sunday... does that make it any better???? i dont think so... the islamic community is just living how they have been tought to live... those that chose not to are put to death... that just their culture and we as americans need to understand that in the same way that they need to understand the culture in america...