Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Could We Be Wrong Again?

Just as America unwittingly backed Islamic militants in their jihad against Serbia, it appears the United States, and most of the Western world, is siding with another savage militant minority.

Unconfirmed, from Russia Today:

The Regnum news agency is reporting that Georgian troops burned down a 10th century Orthodox church while terrified civilians perished inside. The agency quotes eyewitness accounts of the atrocity after all-out fighting in Khetagurovo, a small village near the republic’s capital Tskhinvali.

Almost all of those fighting to defend the village were killed, but the report says the fate of others, mostly women and the elderly, turned out to be even more horrible.

Eyewitnesses report that Georgian tanks literally ran people down and that soldiers took almost all the women to another location. Their fate is still unknown.

Other gruesome details have emerged, via Daily Mail Online:

In another atrocity, innocent villagers were crushed under the tracks of oncoming tanks, claimed Regnum.

Another allegation - again without detail or confirmation - is that locals were cowering in cellars for safety when Georgian forces flooded their hideouts.


Putin was reported to have been told how several girls were locked in a village house before it was set on fire, burning them alive.

'We saw how a tank hit and then drove over the body of an elderly woman who was trying to flee,' one eye-witness was quoted as saying.

'We a saw a body of an 18-month-old baby that had been stabbed to death by Georgians.'

Could America be wrong about this conflict in Georgia? It wouldn't be a surprise. After all, we have been wrong before.



Godefroi said...

While anything is possible, the fact that Regnum is a Russian federal news agency makes me suspicious of these reports.

Hopefully we'll see.

Xaetognath said...

Given what really happened under GHW Bush in Croatia (look up the CIA Factbook numbers of Serbians in Srebrnica in 1990, and compare to how many there were in '93 - the US supported Croatia in that), and what happened in Kosovo (the US under GHWB and Clinton gave that to the Albanians in exchange for right-of-way for the Trans-Albanian pipeline - Blood For Oil in the ugliest sort of way), it wouldn't surprise me at all that we haven't exactly identified who the "good guys" might be in this conflict.

The knee-jerk assumption that Russia (or, by extension, other Orthodox Christian ethnic groups) are in the wrong is a strange and significant blind-spot in U.S. diplomacy.

Ya rab bourham.