Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nigerian Government Orders Military: "Shoot To Kill"

This order came down after a Muslim mob killed a Christian:

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) - Soldiers patrolling Nigeria's volatile central region received shoot-to-kill orders after a Christian mob killed a Muslim election worker and set his body on fire, an army spokesman said Tuesday.

Oh, wait! it was a Christian mob that killed ONE Muslim!

As Kenny Solomon points out in his email to me, we never see such orders after Muslim mobs kill Christians. In fact, after Muslim mobs have killed dozens - even HUNDREDS - of Christian civilians, the most we hear from the Nigerian government is a call "to remain peaceful":
Jonathan, who became acting head of state in February while President Umaru Yar'Adua recovers from illness, called for calm.

"He calls on all Nigerians to remain peaceful and law abiding since violence only begets further violence," the release said.

But this is Islam - one set of rules and laws for Muslims and another set of rules and laws for non-Muslims. Equality under Islam only applies to male Muslims. All other humans are considered inferior.

Something to look forward to if we continue on this same path of appeasement.

(Hat Tip: Kenny)


foxmuldar said...

Your ending was quite appropriate. If we here in America continue to appease those who want to eventually be our rulers, then we will no longer be living in a free country. Muslims continue to push for Sharia laws in America. Of course they say its no big deal. Well Muslims are practicing taqiyya, telling us one thing but really pushing for their real goal of full control of our courts and eventually our country and our lives. Islam is at war with America and the west. Its time we here in America wake up and declare war against Islam. We can start by getting that Muslim out of the White House and replacing him with someone who's willing to kick Muslim as rather then kiss Muslim ass as we have see Obama do over and over again.

christian soldier said...

Christians-wake up!
BTW-did some work on my profile page--:-)

the New Dark Age has a video of an American of Irish decent -who turned to islam while in university-

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